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Austin Gayatri Parivar is a non-profit oganization that provides services & activities which encourages individual reformation as well as social-cultural reformation which will result in the elevation of whole world.We follow the principles of Gayatri-the symbol of righteous knowledge,pure thoughts & selfless service. We encourage the Tri-Fold path of Upasan:


In Param Pujya Gurudev’s words’s are essential for accomplishing the righteous success in every walk of life.Be that materialistic progress or spiritual evolution,none could be achieved without sincere endevors of refinement and escalation of one’s abilities and virtues”.

Recent Events

Vasant Punchami – Click for pictures. The Deep Yagna was performed with all the members and Gurudev’s Vasant Punchami message was given. People participated with great enthusiasm. Pooja Motwani, Austin Gayatri Parivar Head prepared Mahaprashad for all the members.

Past events:
Gayatri Jayanti Click for pictures.


Each important milestone of a human-life is celebrated by undertaking a particular samskara viz. sanskar which gives a spiritual touch to the important events.We conduct  following Yagya(Homa)  & Deep Yagya at all parijans home free of charge:

Sanskar Prakran

1.Punsvan Sanskar:Fetus Protection
2.Namkaran Sanskar:Naming the child
3.Mundan Sanskar:Hair cutting for first time
4.Annaprashan Sanskar:Giving child solid food
5.Vidyaaarahmbh Sanskar:Beginning of child’s education
6.Yagopaveet Sanskar:Sacred thread
7.Vivaah Sanskar:Marriage
8.Janam Diwas Sanskar:Birthday
9.Vivaah Diwas Sanskar:Marriage Anniversary
10.Bhumi Pujan
11.Vastu Pujan(House Warming)
12.Marnotar Sanskar:Funeral rites

Austin Parivar arrange different events time to time, for informatio please contact.

Pooja Motwani – 512-238-7747