Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering Opportunities
1. Help us in organizing the book stall on different events.
2. Help us by distributing our flayers on events.
3. Help us in organizing different camps in terms of food, printing material etc.
4. Help us by donating Indian cloths to be send to India.
5. Please send us your name, email and contact number to be added into our volunteer list.
6. Akhand Jyoti Proof Reading
Under guidance of Shantikunj, we have started a project to make the archive of Akhand Jyoti Magazine ( from 1940-2010) sharable and searchable in Unicode and we are looking for volunteers who are proficient in Hindi and willing to spend two hours a day for this work. Only a basic computer knowledge (word processing and internet) is needed. Typing skills in Hindi is not required.

If you would like to volunteer or know someone who may be able to, please contact Arpit Paliwal (arpit.paliwal@gmail.com) or Vipul Patel (patelvipulk@gmail.com)

For volunteer help on 1 to 5 from the list above, please contact HoustonGayatriParivar@gmail.com.

Have a nice day!

Jai Gayatri Mata.