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Gayatri Pariwar Houston

We are a part of Global Gayatri Pariwar. Our Headquarter is at Shantikunj, Haridwar, India.

We are a family of volunteers organized and inspired to carry the Torch of the Thought Revolution lit up by a great visionary of the bright future for 21st Century:

All World Gayatri Pariwar is devoted to cultural, ethical, moral and spiritual awakening of the masses. Development of divinity in mankind is its foremost goal and avowed objective. To accomplish this goal it is working on the following seven programs.

1. Self Refinement साधना आन्दोलन 2. Health स्वास्थ्य आन्दोलन

3. Education शिक्षा आन्दोलन 4. Self Reliance स्वावलम्बन आन्दोलन

5. Environment Protection पर्यावरण आन्दोलन

6. Women Empowerment and Awakening नारी जागरण आन्दोलन

7. Deliverance from addictions and Eradication of evil customs व्यसन मुक्ति, कुरीति उन्मूलन आन्दोलन


According to very first vedic granths, Sanskar is said to be helping for achieving spiritual nourishment, peace of mind and ultimately moksha. Sanskar give a spiritual touch to the important events at different stages of life—right from pre-birth to post-death.

We also make house calls to help people celebrate special family ceremonies (Sanskars), ranging from prenatal rites to wedding ceremonies. While conducting these several millennium old continuously living traditions of Sanatan Dharma, we also explain the logic, rationale, nuances and philosophy behind all the rituals. Our volunteers have received traditional training in performance of the Gayatri Yagya / Puja / Sanskars at the world HQ of Gayatri Parivar in India.

The sixteen sanskars are:

1. Grabhaadhan: Conception
2. Punsavana: Fetus protection
3. Simanta: Satisfying wishes of the pregnant Mother
4. Jaat-Karmaa: Child Birth
5. Naamkarma: Naming Child
6. Nishkramana: Taking the child outdoors
7. Annaprashana: Giving the child solid food.
8. Mundan or Choula: Hair cutting.
9. Karnavedh: Ear piercing
10. Yagyopaveet: Sacred thread
11. Vedarambh: Study of Vedas and Scriptures
12. Samaavartana: Completing education
13. Vivaah: Marriage
14. Sarvasanskaar: Preparing for Renouncing
15. Sanyas (Awasthadhyan): Renouncing
16. Antyeshti: Last rite, or funeral rites

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As volunteer of Gayatri Pariwar, we run a spiritual center in Vedic Tradition, in the Houston and surrounding areas. We do life coaching. We have very motivational speaker and volunteers who regularly organize many spiritual events at HillCroft Center of Houston, TX.

We also help and teach about the life transforming potential of Gayatri mantra and scientific spirituality as explained by the founder of All World Gayatri Pariwar, Pandit ShriRam Sharma Acharya.

Please contact us for any of these services. It will be our pleasure to help you celebrate and help you also in difficult times.

We also do an hour of moral story telling on every Sunday from 11:00 AM to Noon for kids. Please visit us with your family and enjoy the spiritual experience.


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