AWGP 2013 Youth Camp & Family Retreat

Mo-Ranch (, near San Antonio, Texas, USA

Participant Categories & Dates
Senior Youth (ages 18-35): August 1 to August 7
Adults (ages 18+) & Junior Youth (ages 5-17): August 3 to August 7

General Registration
After May 1, 2013
Senior Youth (USD 325), Adults (USD 300), Junior Youth (USD 275)

Early Registration
Before April 30, 2013, 12:00 AM Central Time
Senior Youth (USD 275), Adults (USD 250), Junior Youth (USD 225)

We considered online payments, but the processing fees were too much! Based on your location, we are accepting checks as mentioned below:

  • USA: Payable to AW Gayatri Pariwar, Houston at 19515 Cisco Court, Cypress TX 77433 USA
  • Canada: Payable to Gayatri Pariwar- Yugnirman, Canada at 28 Cassis Dr, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9V4Z6 Canada

Registration Forms

Day Pass
If you can’t attend the camp for its entire duration, you can choose to participate on a daily basis. Please review the Day Pass details carefully and confirm your spot.

Collective Sadhana
As you know, tons of hard work goes in organizing an event like this. We’ve got uber dedicated volunteers engaged already but kindly request your positive energy for making this camp memorable! Please join us from Vasant Panchami (February 15) to Guru Purnima (July 22) in the following initiatives:

  • Write Surya Gayatri Mantra: 16 Mantras daily, for a total of 2400.
  • Chant Gayatri Mantra with Param Pujya Gurudev: 24 times (13 minutes 34 seconds) daily. Download MP3 (2.32 MB) or Windows Media Audio (12.4 MB) formats.

Please review the detailed explanation about this campaign, including the Mantra page template, and a pledge form.

Awaken the Eternal Energy Within!
Each of us has been endowed with immense strength, courage, determination, curiosity, optimism, discipline and conscientiousness. These qualities are essential to succeed in every aspect of life, be it personal, professional or spiritual, and yet, they lie deep within us, dormant - the goal is to awaken them. On the occasion of Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary, let’s respond to his clarion call – “Arise! Awake! Stop not till the goal is achieved!” Join us to learn, practice and experience the art and science of awakening that dormant inner energy, that divinity within, which will help us manifest our full potential in every aspect of our lives.

Promotional Material

  1. Flyer –  A4 size PDF 495 KB
  2. Video – YouTubeWindows Media Video 199 MB
  3. Souvenir Advertisement Pricing - PDF 38 KB

Frequent Asked Questions

  1. Done with registration already! How do I get to the camp site? We encourage road trips but if that’s not your thing, we will transport you from and to, San Antonio International airport (SAT) and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). South West Airlines will most likely be your best option for flights and they have great advance booking rates. Specific travel details will be coordinated and finalized after registrations are completed. Here are some preliminary guidelines for your flight booking:
    1. Arrival: On Aug 1 and Aug 3, we plan to leave for Mo-Ranch from Austin/San Antonio airports at 2 pm Central.
    2. Departure: On Aug 7, plan on flights from Austin/San Antonio airports departing after 4 pm Central.
  2. How can I help? Glad you asked!
    1. Complete and confirm your registration!
    2. Let us know what you are good at and we will loop you in!
    3. Join us in Collective Sadhana (details above)!
  3. How many people are you expecting? At least your family and friends! We have committed for 100 Senior Youth and 200 Adults & Junior Youth, but would love a challenge to accommodate a lot more.
  4. Isn’t it HOT in Texas? Sure is, but don’t worry, we will help you keep your tan!
  5. I’ve other commitments. I’ll go to the other event instead. We understand but you already know this – there is nothing quite like this camp for several reasons:
    • Gracious company and personal guidance of Respected Dr. Pranav Pandya & Respected Jiji, Respected Saints & Scholars. Ask the previous attendees about their unforgettable and life changing memories.
    • Catch up with your family & friends! It’s been a while!
    • Rocking recreational activities!
    • Southern hospitality (beats the previous camps hands down!). We are committed to you!
    • See Day Pass information above, if you can’t attend the entire duration.
  6. I really want to participate but the overall cost is too much!  Let’s talk, we are sure we can work something out! Also, please see Day Pass information above, if you can’t attend the entire duration.

Contact Us
USA: Puneet 318.880.4055, Chaitanya 213.361.5211, Parag 469.586.6568
Canada: Jitesh 647.893.6335, Vartika 289.244.7770, Sharvil 647.200.0067